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Do you have life coaching questions like: What can online life coaching do for me, or who is relationship coaching for? 

Do you want the skills to be more aligned and purposeful in yourself, your relationships,  creative practice or as a creative professional? Read On

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A Case for Having a Guide on the Path Of Self Discovery

We need mentors and other creatives. Even the most solo artistas need an audience and feedback at some moment in their process. These creatives also need a place where we can experiment and give ourselves permission to get it wrong (because as humans, we will get it wrong!)

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Ripples: Believe it or Not

We’re human beings and we’re facing a crisis of healing and faith. It seems like we’ve become more willing to turn towards unsavory aspects of ourselves: shadow, unconscious assumptions and meet what we find. With the trying times that have surrounded us, we have brought ourselves to the point of being ready to come face to face with our struggles.

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The Magician, Space, and the Art of Play

Soundbites or words on a page can be powerful – but that is not enough to meet a human being on a deeper level. Imagination, the permission to experience all of oneself and consistent, purposeful effort in the service of something greater, is what creates deep and lasting change.

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