Who I Am

I am King Lexie (she/her) an experienced life coach & artistpreneur.  I have 15  years experience facilitating  solo & group workshops.  Though I am currently based in Boulder Colorado,  online coaching has allowed me to serve coaching clients in Denver, Chicago, New York, Canada, Brazil and the United Kingdom. My coaching practice focuses around adult learning and helping people turn unwanted patterns and habits into more resourceful states. I care deeply about somatic (body mind) research, wildness,  authenticity, conflict resolution and enjoyment.  

Consultório coaching makes hard things easier by helping you get clear on your goals and what’s keeping you stuck, so that you can move forward in your life,  experiencing more of what you want with greater ease and efficiency.  

I speak many languages: metaphor, Brasilian Portuguese, re-frames, movie quotes, dad-jokes- I am full of emergent strategies and am as dogma free and holy irreverent as I can be. 

Who Are You? 

King Lexie is a somatic life coach serving clients online

Consultório Online Life Coaching

The journey of  Consultório began in 2015 when I started noticing some of the students, fellow creatives, and the entrepreneurs I saw each week in group classes needed more one on one attention to work on what really mattered to them. Many were feeling stuck, confused and uncertain about how to bring about meaningful changes in their life. As a certified life coach, a somatic sojourner and passionate respecter of life,  I created an online coaching space as well as a home office for life coaching in Denver to help people make sense of their challenges and make hard things easier.


People need at least one person who can meet them as they are now, without judgment, really listen from an embodied place, help them discover new options for their challenges and support them in implementing them.

We all need to carve out  time  that is just for us to be heard, to explore tricky and confused areas in ourselves, to develop new skills that support our leading edge dreams.  People need powerful reframes, tools and  practical actions to elicit changes in their lives.  If you’re anything like me, you require a highly personalized path for refining and achieving goals and for breaking habits- you need you!  

When you are navigating uncertainty, you need a coach that can give you honest feedback and support to uncover deep truths and resources in yourself.  And often you need someone to go with you into places that are hard to go alone.   Consultório endeavors to be a place that provides creatives enough structure to find their edges, but not expressly therapy, and definitely not fluffy-positive, ‘high vibes only’ coaching platitudes.  

Consultório coaching, has become a place to honor space and boundaries.  As a queer creative and entrepreneur myself,  I had to build this into my practice. Learning how to honor my time, space and boundaries meant that this coaching container need to be of a high caliber.  I also knew I needed a way to structure my life and work that is as free as I am, and endeavor to be, and to help others at the same time.   Something good was born of necessity.  Necessity is the mother of invention, right?   I’ve invested a lot of energy, time and money to keep evolving, innovating and enjoying who I am in this field. 

Over the years, I’ve had the distinct privilege to serve dozens of creatives, educators and entrepreneurs who felt lost or stuck, creatives who had been fighting themselves resisting getting help.  Sometimes we think we’re supposed to do it alone; this belief often leads to a  lot of unnecessary judgement and plenty of suffering.   Here’s a blog on the myth of DIY – you may be interested in.  All great ones get great help.   Some people just wait longer than others. But when you know…. you know, right?  Or you know you’ve waiting long enough!  

I get to learn from great teachers and mentors through years of dedicated study, coaching and consulting.  I learn from from a hunger and passion for people and wakefulness that doesn’t quit me.  

I am proud of this emergent invention, Consultório ( an office where healing happens- in brasilian portugese )   continues to evolve with each client, each cycle and each session.

Part of what makes my work unique is my background of study and training.   As an interdisciplinary performing artist with a minor in critical race, feminist and queer theory (Naropa University), I spent hours and years investigating the intersections of body/place/experience and the spaces between.    As a certified Master Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP Marin) a style of NLP that focuses, in part, on human growth and development I have a toolkit in my pocket that honors each person’s unique human experience and desire to grow.  I also have over 500 hours yoga teacher training and eight years teaching hatha/vinyasa and Yin yoga – this though the lense of Taoist energetics & Chinese five element theory.

Likewise, being in ensemble training and teaching in ensemble for many years (and in many different contexts) has been an enormous gift to my life and practice. 

We’re all out here together! Taking responsibly for my own experience means I hold to my own core and let you lift me up. And you hold to your center, your practice, your integrity, and I lift you up. 

We learn to know each other, to receive each other by generously giving and failing, and trying again. In session, in ensemble, and in relationship (with ourselves and with others), we teach each other how to be human together.

Don’t take my word for it, let’s meet!

Expertise and Certifications

Training & Certifications

  • Certified Master Transformational Neurolinguistic Programming Coach (human growth and development emphasis)
  • NLP Marin tools for communication, behaviour and identity level change from the inside out
  • Psychedelic integration coaching 
  • Akimbo Creatives Workshop 

Crisis Company

  • Crisis de-escalation actor for law enforcement and schools 
  • 300+ hours training and classroom experience
  • Conflict mediation 
  • Trauma informed live-action training
  • Special needs advocate
  • Substance abuse awareness and intervention training 

Naropa University- BFA Physical Performance and community arts

  • Interdisciplinary world performance 
  •  Critical Race, Queer and Gender Theory and praxis
  • Buddhist meditation 
  • Community Arts Apprenticeship (art and agency in schools) 

500 hours Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Chinese 5 element,
Yin Yoga

  • Martial arts lineage – Enshin Karate, Daoin  
  • 12 years teaching experience 
  • Experienced instructor  
  • Course and retreat curriculum development 

I've Worked With

Martha Graham

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

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