Move through complexity with clarity and vitality

Consultório online life coaching with King Lexie

The world may be on tilt, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Even in the midst of great change, moving purposefully in your life with clarity and potency is an option. With honesty, ongoing support, tools for lasting change, and the measurable results online life coaching provides- that becomes more and more viable.

Good news is, Consultório life coaching is here for you, for that.

Professional life coaching online makes it easy to serve clients in Denver, offer relationship coaching in Boulder, and explore professional creative mentorship coaching in Chicago, New York, Canada and the United Kingdom. In short, this personal, online life coaching format makes it possible to serve people all over the world.

Creatives, queers, professional artists, neurodivergents, educators and entrepreneurs, you now have a coaching home in Consult´orio- welcome!

Working with Lexie

I am a compassionate,  experienced coach & artistpreneur who has 15 years experience facilitating solo & group self development work.

My coaching & creative practice focus around learning, somatic research, wildness, authenticity, conflict resolution and enjoyment.

This work  makes hard things easier by helping you get clear on your goals so you can do what you want.

I speak many languages: metaphor, Brasilian Portuguese, re-frames, movie quotes and dad-jokes. I am full of emergent strategies,  body mind productivity ‘hacks’ and am as dogma free and holy irreverent as I can be.

Maybe you’re something like like me?  A rebellious creative who hates being told what to do (a little or a lot), but who also needs support, structure and experienced guidance to help me iterate, overcome obstacles and integrate change.  I have struggled with making my best work, working with neurodivergence in my big, beautiful brain,  building a thriving coaching business, and cultivating meaningful relationships intimately and professionally.  But now I struggle less (or in different ways) have greater respect and understanding of my limits and boundaries, while still challenging myself. I can recover faster, and move through complexity with greater vitality and insight.   I believe it’s because of who I am, what I’ve survived and integrated, all that I’ve studied, all I dream that I am skilled in supporting others.  I believe it’s because of who you are- that you are as well. 

Collaboration, meaning and the practical magic it takes to dream work into life with grace and grit fills my days; and when we work together- it will fill yours too. 

“Work is love made visible”- Kahlil Gibran 

The Cycles

Signature cycles for Self Study & Success

Beyond the Resolution

Habits, Focus & Deep Work


Boundaries & Flow

The Cycles

Signature cycles for Self Study & Success

The Harvest​

Form, Freedom, & Abundance


Stability & Action


3 Month Cycle

"Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force- but through persistence"-Ovid

Committing to yourself over time through any process yields powerful results, no matter what it is. Whatever you consistently do or don’t do, will make a change in your experience. Life coaching is no different, but it is exceptional and life changing. 

 People who commit to being coached are more likely to achieve and exceed their goals and find treasures they didn’t even know they were looking for.  

I created the cycles because it’s a unique way to measure growth over time in a digestible way.  It’s informative and important to book-end experiences. Current research on ‘learning how to learn’- points to the importance of creating appropriate ‘chunk sizes.’  Cycles help us go for the goldilocks- not too much, not too little, just right.  The cycles do this by giving clients the chance to relate to a beginning, middle and end.  After three months, clients look back and see how they’ve changed and track their process.  Like nature has seasons and cycles so do humans and things.   Lining up with seasonal cycles is a meaningful way to engage with the natural, imaginal, multidimensional and iterative selves we are.  

codependency coaching denver

 I know what it’s like to be a creative and freelancer  trying to find balance in uncertainty. I know how challenging it can be to go after the work of your heart and soul- and to live meaningfully in your day to day when things are strange, strained or uncertain.   That’s hard in a number of ways: one, when you’re unclear about WHAT you want,  and two when you may know what you want but don’t know  HOW to get from where you are now to where you want to go. Constultório life coaching helps in both of these ways, and more.  I know what it’s like to try old ways of solving new problems and coming up short.   Struggling with co-dependency,  big life transitions, neurodivergence,  and focus challenges can feel insurmountable.  Facing  less than optional patterns, navigating CPSD complexity, and work/life struggle has been a familiar place for me.  And as I welcomed in more pointed, coached support for what I need, both within myself and from trusted mentors and coaches, I began to experience deeply  meaningful change and stability I had been seeking .  My clients consistently express their gratitude (to themselves and this work) for the opportunity to get this change for themselves in the ways that are most important to them. 

If you’re reading this- maybe you have an idea that support and success is possible for you too.  I’m here to say, it is. 

emotional freedom coaching Denver

Many clients who started with one cycle 3 or 4 years ago,  are still fully engaged with new cycles, now.  Others will come in,  do one or two cycles and complete. Others still will return for a cycle after a long pause.  As the client evolves and changes so does the work they do in Consultório.  No matter the time or the season, a cycle is always here as a support for the work you’d like to do for yourself. 

Most often you’ll undertake them in sync with the seasons, Beyond the Resolution, Cascade, The Harvest and HOME, but they can also be taken ‘out of order’ if that’s what will best meet your needs.   

if you have any questions,  book a free intro call and we’ll take it from there. 

Tools for change & support for change- sourced from you, co-created by us.



The cycles are not rigid programs or strict templates that a client follows to come out on the other side with a cookie-cutter result.  Unlike a lot of other things out there in the coaching world, you won’t be squeezed into a rigid course or plan.

somatic life coaching online

They are more like strong containers that support individual exploration within some themes.

You will, however, get structure, laser-pointed, and loving guidance and practical support.

What to expect on this journey:


Sign up for free call
(if you're new)
Receive opening
questionnaire and cycle workbook
1/2 hour cycle specific intro call


9, 1-hr long zoom sessions over 3 months
bespoke coaching sessions
+Talk- style coaching, +Mindfulness practices
+ All-levels movement explorations to help you get 'out of your head and into yourself'

fun & relevant homework
text/email support between sessions


Receive closing questionnaire
Book your 1/2 hour closing call
You'll reflect and roll in the spoils of your growth.

Choose Your Cycle:

The Harvest

Form, Freedom & Abundance


Stability & Action

Free Intro Session

A chance for us to meet, and/or give and get more info on working together.

Hear from our coaching clients

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